Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede

beeldend kunstenaar



Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede was born on September the 10th 1962 in Hazerswoude. 

After various residences he eventually ended up in the green town of Roggel in the municipality of Leudal, located in the centre of the province of Limburg. Here he has the space and tranquillity he needs to convert his ideas into figures.

For years, the making of art used to be a hobby which he practised alongside his fulltime job. Eventually, art began to play such a big role in his life that he made it into his profession.

Led by highly reputable sculptor Mat Snijder from Venlo, he expanded his know-how and refined his technique. Initially he primarily made sculpted works, sculptures of marlstone and marble.

By experimenting with various materials, he concluded that creating his works in metals yielded the best representation of his emotions. Working with various steels and primarily bronze gave him the opportunity to construct the art that he wanted to display from inside, to depict dreams not deserving of staying dreams!